Do Relationships influence your Style?


I think it’s safe to say yes! Kim Kardashian West is a prime example of how style changes within relationships. She went from being the trendy girl to the trendsetter which is exactly what Kanye West always wanted her to be. When she first stepped onto the scene she was the exotic looking pretty girl with the colorful, trendy wardrobe, this is during her time with the handsome Reggie Bush (which to me was her happiest moment). Then she married Kris Humphries where she then got a stylist (Monica Rose) and started leading the pack in trends. Now married to Kanye she has taken bigger risk, she is sexier and more confident which she claims is all do to his love for her. Her husband makes her feel so good she is comfortable in her own skin and shows it. (Cue Beyoncé song Rocket)


She the changes here.

Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian Arrive at LAVO Kim Kardashian Marries Kris Humphries Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Of course growing up and maturing has something to do with our style evolving and so does your partner but how much? Do you let them influence your whole look or just take in the suggestions? I personally am a girly girl who likes to dress up occasionally but in my most recent relationship I have taken it up a notch. Like Kim, I want to be sexier and stylish. I am in my late 20’s (ugh can’t believe it but I am) so feel this is the time to do it. I can be sexier and with maturity can carry it in a way it doesn’t appear sexual. Also with fitness being the “in” thing and having participated in a fitness challenge where I came in 3rd among 40 females (shameless plug) I am happy with my results and want to show it. This summer I am about color, prints and cutouts which aren’t my go to’s but with a secure partner that makes you feel good, skies the limit!

body 1 2 3 4

I’m ready….










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