Covergirl – Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West

All in the family for this week’s addition of Magazine Mondays. Here we have Kim Kardashian West covering the July issue of Glamour magazine. The reality star has recently announced she and Kanye are expecting baby #2… Baby South perhaps. See the spread and interview here.Kim Kardashian West

GLAMOUR: Your Paper cover last fall bragged that it would “break the Internet.” Looking back, do you love it? Any regrets about it?

KKW: I love it! We were just shooting a cover, me in the dress with the champagne glass. But [photographer] Jean-Paul Goude gave me a book of his images when I was in makeup, and it was, like, Naomi Campbell naked and hanging from a rope—one of the coolest shots I’ve ever seen. So I said to him, “Hey, there’s no rush. My publicist isn’t here. We can kick the magazine out. If you want to work more, I’m here all night.” When everyone came back, I was like, “You guys are going to die when you see what we did.” I had dinner with my mom and Kanye afterward; they were like, “How was your shoot?” I was like, “Oh, good.” I didn’t say anything. When the magazine came out, my mom called screaming, “You didn’t f–king warn me!” She went so crazy. I was like, “Relax, it’s my shoot, my body, my life.”

GLAMOUR: Since dating Kanye, you’ve gone through a style transformation yourself. How would you define your look then versus now?

KKW: My style was really fun and flirty and cute; very colorful, very trendy. When I started dating Kanye, he was like, “Babe, you have so many crazy shoes and platforms with spikes and jewels, so much going on. Can I have my stylist come and we’ll clean out your closet?” I’ve become in love with this still sexy but just cleaner look.

Kim Kardashian West for Glamour July 2015

Kim Kardashian West by Patrick Demarchelier for Glamour July 2015


Read the full interview in Glamour magazine when it hits newsstands June 16th.


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