The not so basic Overalls

Fashion Trend - The '90s are back, and they're bringing their overalls - I don't think they're the WORST thing to wear - especially with Doc Martens, which are back too

Over the weekend, I attended a brunch called the #NoBasicBrunch in Harlem, New York at Corner Social hosted by popular blogger Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily, stylist Tyrone and lifestyle specialist Legendary Damon. One of the females that attended the brunch was wearing overalls which sparked my interest to write this post. The overalls trend has come back this season but in a sleeker, tailored and fashionable way. The new wave of this trend is not reminisce of the 90’s but a new take on the comfy style. See more

street style  street style

Here we have the faux leather version that is perfect for the season as we transition into spring

  jean overalls cobain

The basic denim overall look but tailored, cuffed or distressed

          ASOS 90s Style Overalls Untitled

and then fun colors to show off this youthful trend with much attitude

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 Is this something you would try again with the new take?


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