Ella McHugh Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

ella 12

Looking for a new take on your everyday handbag? Ella McHugh’s youthful spin on handbags in every type of aesthetic can be tomorrow’s “It Bag”. While talking to the former lawyer, she took me through her Fall/Winter 2015 collection and explained the that she named each bag after her original supporters. I have a girlfriend who has her own nail polish line and she named one of her polishes after me, so I could relate and loved the concept. The bags are fun and can be worn from day to evening. This collection had great construction and great quality mirroring an art deco feel that Ella is passionate about with a variety of crossbodies, satchels and clutches. This born and bred New Yorker says handbags fascinate her as a snapshot of woman’s personal style.

Made from Italian mills, the handbags are crafted from python, crocodile, calfskin, embossed lamb and my first time encountering alligator and ostrich skins. I asked Ella which was her favorite piece she stated the “Corinne” and “Corinne II”. Take a look a look at the bags from the F/W 2015 collections and visit www.ellamchugh.com for more on this phenomenal handbag designer.

ella 6

Ella McHugh holding her handbag from the F/W collection

ella 5 ella 4 ella 3 ella 11 ella 10 ella 9 ella 8

~Akela Moore

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