Nike Women: #Betterforit

Nike’s new TV commercial has to feature the shakiest plank ever seen in a Nike ad. But that’s the point of the brand’s massive new campaign called #betterforit, which encourages women of all fitness levels to hit their own personal athletic goals. The campaign is part of Nike’s push to expand its women’s apparel line, a $5 billion business that Nike expects to grow another $2 billion by 2017.

The #betterforit campaign is headlined by a spot called “Inner Thoughts,” which depicts very relatable workout problems like worrying over which seat to snag in spin class or trying to concentrate in yoga class. Watch the spot below, and see four other short #betterforit Nike films here, which temper the campaign’s inspiring “If you’re brave enough to try, you’re strong enough to finish” slogan with voiceovers like, “It doesn’t matter how far you run, unless you’re running a half-marathon and then that’s kind of the whole point.” (bkdailynewz)


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