Take Those Gloves Off and Show Your Hand Candy for Spring

jewel 8

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I wanted to share my love of accessories today and I chose some of my favorite hand candy images for your viewing pleasure. I have a great eye for shoes BUT handbags and jewelry, I can pick out with my eyes closed. What I love about the jewelry and ring trends of the most recent years is that people are really having fun with them. I don’t know about you guys, but I am a Friends fanatic. Pretty much watch the re-runs every night before I go to bed. One of the things I hone in on is Phoebe’s character always has her fingers full of ring accessories and the show is 20 years old! Talk about vintage and how pop culture television from the 90’s reminds us that trends are cyclical. Even though Rachel was into fashion, Phoebe displayed her quirky personality through looks on the show. But you don’t have to be hippie chic or quirky to rock the stacking jewelry trend. So check out how to accessorize your hand candy with your handbags and where to get the pieces.

phoebe jewelry

jewel 1Trendy on a Budget Blog Creator Linda jewel 11Sasha Charnin Morrison US Weekly Fashion Director

jewel 3

jewel 2jewel 4jewel 12Blogger Chriselle Limjewel 13

Brooklyn Jewelgasm jewel 5jewel 9Khloe Kardashian, Christina Milian, Zanna Rossi and Solmaz Saberi show us their hand candy.jewel 7Looking for a place to find some great rings and hand candy? Go to Lord & Taylor’s Fifth Ave location and check out their Birdcage section.jewel 6

I will be on the look out for more hand candy in 2015. You can also share your thoughts on your favorite hand candy and jewelry accessories.

~Akela Moore

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