The New Banana Republic Store Event

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On Thursday I attended the redesigned party of Banana Republic’s flatiron flagship store thrown by Banana Republic and Refinery 29. Marissa Webb (Banana Republic’s new Creative Director) along with actress Jamie Chung (both pictured above) and Refinery’s Christene Barberich hosted the event which was one of the best I’ve been to.

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The store is beautiful, airy and fresh. The “new” direction of the products are up to date, on trend and colorful. You can definitely see that there is a new person in charge as the stores and clothes have all been revamped. So what can I tell you about this new Creative Director besides she is a smart, savvy business woman that knows how to draw a crowd. Well by taking the role as creative director she also got Gap Inc. (Banana’s parent company) to invest in her own namesake label. You want her you got to invest in her as well… know your worth. With social media it looks as if Marissa will also be the brand ambassador as she attends store events, she is the face of the “new” BR!

Marissa is all about working hard and staying humble, which I believe is an important fact in the fashion industry. Her humble beginnings started early as she comes from working in grocery stores in middle school and paying her way through college. She graduated from F.I.T. in 1998. Marissa then began her career designing jeans for Ralph Lauren and then worked briefly at Club Monaco before landing a job at J. Crew, where she stayed for 10 years before coming to Banana Republic. She stayed in her lane as all stores are competitors of each other yet unique in their own right.

The Banana Republic stores like her lifestyle are eclectic, and that was evident at the flatiron event.

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So let’s talk about the event which felt like the old Fashion Night Out, the bites were delicious and the drinks were plentiful. The top drink choice was XO Marissa, where tequila was topped off with a chili pepper. Based on the drink named after Creative Director Marissa, she must be a spicy one!

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Performer Tove Lo took the party up a notch, definitely check her out. She was the perfect choice as her music reflected the vibe that was transcending through the room

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Here we have Refinery 29 editor-in-chief Christene Barberich, giving the perfect look away candid. My co-blogger Akela really adored this look #instagramapproved

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 Akela and I got in on the photo booth fun, can you tell we were blowing kisses?

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Here I am with the host Jamie Chung who was dressed in all B.R.

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and with Creative Director Marissa who’s style gives off a Gwen Stefani vibe. Marissa was wearing boyfriend jeans, a leather cami with lace details and a plethora of jewelry. She was fun and relatable, all that I hope to be when I become Creative Director.

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So cheers to the new store as it will be a success just like the event. We will learn more about it this week as the mystery will be revealed of the “new” direction BR is heading in and where it can go. My guess is a full on lifestyle brand. From my perspective at the event, Marissa is going to give Banana Republic a personality and the everyday work wear some spice just like the drink… XO Marissa


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