Low Tier Beauty Products on the Rise


I am a late bloomer in the makeup game but see a lot of low-end brands competing with big names like Mac which are most females go to place other than Sephora. I am really into lipsticks at the moment and have bought a few Mac lipsticks as it’s the only place I would think to go with so many variation of colors. On top of that there are many lip pencils that can make one lipstick look 3 different ways. Am I the only person that walks down the street and can identify if a girl is wearing Ruby Woo or Rebel (my go to’s)?  In my head I’m saying, hey girl, is that Rebel with the currant lip liner? I recently finished my Ruby Woo and Spiked eyebrow pencil which I wear every day. I thought do I really want to spend money on another lipstick, it’s a little pricey. I happened to see a blogger name ItsMyRayeRaye, and noticed she had a post about new matte lipsticks for a low price. I watched the video and to my surprise learned that a brand called Ruby Kisses makes lipsticks. Now I have used their nail polishes but never knew they had a lipstick line. I went to my local beauty supply store and was shocked that they were out of stock, we must have all seen the same video.  I revisited days later to see all the colors Raye showcase were there. I purchased a red one for $2.99(can you believe that) and rushed home to try it on, I know I’m not the only one that does that when buying new products. I can honestly say I am impressed with my results. It looks great, last long and people always think I am wearing Ruby Woo.  The same thing happened when I bought L’Oreal’s eyebrow sculptor pencil instead of spiked. Although I feel partial to Mac I have no problem mixing in lower brands from time to time especially if the results are good.


One of my fav brands was Illamasqua (can never say it right) sold at Sephora which got discontinued to then getting placed into Bloomingdales which too is discontinued….smdh! I just want my boost lip gloss which I ran out of this weekend and went online to see it was pricey even before shipping, am I really going to ship lip gloss?! The answer is NO, so I went on the hunt for a similar color which is pretty hard but stumbled upon NYX cosmetics and again very impressed with the offering. I found a color close to what I am looking for and will continue to check both brands as their products give good payoff.

So don’t be bougie ladies and some of you fellas try other pocket friendly brands and see what happens. Besides if you don’t like it, it’s no more than $8 depending on what you buy. No this is not a paid advertisement, just my opinion. Lol

image image

 Can you tell which is store bought and which is Mac?


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