Who will replace Kelly Osbourne?

Now that it has been confirmed that Kelly Osbourne has left the show, Fashion Police after the  Zendaya “dirty locs” controversy, who will take her seat at the table? Aside from the fashion stylists on the show, Kelly was well versed on the fashion industry. She knew her history, present and could always describe a piece to the T! Never the one to bash a celebrity and always taking the high road. So who could possibly be just as knowledgeable and funny? I suggest June Ambrose… it’s such a perfect lane for her.

June Ambrose Hair

June herself is a stylist that hit it big in the 90’s with acts like Missy Elliot, Puffy and Pink. She has now branded herself where she has a book, clothing line and has been on the fashion police offering her sophisticated critiques. What a perfect place for her to be. The show needs some color and someone who can add flavor and knowledge on all races and do it with class. June is a silly goose who would bring sass as well.

I’ve recently had the discussion of why don’t African Americans have a show like fashion police being we are left out of it often. Yet, we are the biggest group that purchases items. If we can’t get our own show then this is a great transition which may lead to it.

There are whispers that the network is looking at Khloe Kardashian to take the spot and being she is apart of the E! family that has brought the network major coins along with her family she might get it. I adore Khloe but I need someone to know the difference between a peter pan collar and a mandarin collar.

I cannot wait to see who will fill Kelly’s shoes and if the show will return. Do you guys think it should? If you could pick a mixed panel who would you include?



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