NYFW Favorite: Ese Azenabor

ese 20Ese Azenabor! This was the first time hearing of this designer and then after the finale I learned that its a duo behind the brand.The Fall/Winter 2015 Esé Azénabor collection is an unapologetic artistic demonstration of luxury, culture and appreciation for the arts. The collection is inspired by the kingship of Henry VIII, and the affluent monarchs of that era, featuring embroidered Jacquard, rich dark tones and brocade fabrications. “The first time I saw the painting of Henry VIII, I was attracted to the gorgeous details of his garments,” says Azénabor. “We thought to create a collection inspired by his era in a modernized women’s luxury ready-to-wear and couture collection”.The pieces were spectacular and elegant. I could see the audience was enjoying the collection as much as i was as photos were being snapped everywhere. The detailing and structure on the dreses were impeccable especially the cream and red show stopping dress right before the finale. Ese Azenabor is definitely a designer to watch. See more of my favorite looks.ese 19ese 1 ese 2 ese 3 ese 4 ese 5 ese 6 ese 7 ese 8 ese 9 ese 10 ese 10 ese 11 ese 12 ese 13 ese 14 ese 15 ese 16 ese 17 ese 18


One comment

  1. I feel sorry for that Model in the too long white trousers, who couldn’t walk the Catwalk. That would have been impossible in these, of course: she would’ve surely tripped and fallen! Is she still standing there now i wonder…? Somebody please help, and carry her to a dressing room!!


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