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Ever thought about attending a casting? Well, DVF Brand Ambassador casting took place this past weekend along with NBA all-star, Valentine’s Day and Fashion week, and I happened to take part in it all. The casting was an interesting process and here is why.

My boyfriend applied for me and I got an email stating I was moving on to the next phase. At first I was thinking for what, I didn’t apply but found out he did. So of course when I got the email I knew I had to follow through with the next step. So on the coldest day of the month 2/14/15, yes V-day, I woke up early to attend my time slot or so I thought. Now I wasn’t sure of the process but figured they gave people time slots and would have DVF’s staff interviewing the girls briefly but I assumed  wrong. I got to the DVF studio in the meatpacking district (MPD) as advised to find I was 1 out of 200. A little uncertain but not shocked I waited outside in line in 16 degrees just to sign a form stating, I would be on camera. I was dressed appropriately for the weather in my orange dvf dress, jeweled necklace, boots and puffer coat which I throw a belt over. Many ladies wore open toe shoes or no tights at all. I understand its fashion week and it’s an interview but its 16 degrees with a chance of snow.  Many of the girls including myself were confused about the process and we had to huddle together to stay warm although our feet were freezing.

I was there from 11:30am until 2:30pm standing in the cold just waiting to be interviewed by last year’s winner Brittany Hampton, yes she was the only person conducting the interviews and at times the interviews were one on one or in groups.  At 2pm, I start to contemplate do I stay or go, but leave to do what, enjoy my Valentine’s day?! Am I really leaving for that? Sounded good and then perhaps I would start to feel my toes again but in walks DVF herself and she told her staff, “this is crazy, you have to let them in” especially being at that point the snow started to fall.

Once inside the atmosphere was hectic. As the people behind me were trying to get in front.  People didn’t know where to go, some started to leave but that still left at least 100 people waiting to get interviewed. At one point the girl on line with me started to notice that certain people were getting pulled off the line to be interviewed, some were already mic’d up which was odd. So that had us thinking being this is for a show do they know who they want already and have to do an “open casting” for camera purposes?

All in all I did not make the cut as I found out two days later which is very suspect to me. How are interviews held on Saturday, DVF fashion show on Sunday but then had time to narrow it down to send an email on Monday. So maybe they really knew who they were picking as the email read, thanks for attending we had no idea that many people would show up. Umm…well you sent out emails for us to rsvp of time but ok.

I am still a Diane Von Furstenberg fan especially after reading her book but the whole casting process wasn’t for me or at least the way it was handled. Definitely an experience! This is not to bash the brand but to shed light on a moment of trying to go for your dreams.

Good Luck to the new brand ambassador that we will witness next season, wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a guy.

House of DVF



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