Tiny’s Tequila Takeover Weekend

tiny 7

Tameka “Tiny” Harris definitely had a great weekend during NBA All Star Weekend in New York City as she presented her own Tequila brand called Tiny’s Tequila at a exclusive dinner. Hosted by Pynk Magazine and The Luxe Style Lab in an intimate setting, she shared with a room of no more than 15 people the new tequila. She stated she liked lime with her tequila and each guest was able to partake in some specialty Tiny cocktails. In Cove Lounge Harlem’s private front section, the guests also had a choice of a salad and either chicken or salmon. I went for the salmon!

The following day ¬†hosted a exclusive all day grooming lounge with complimentary cocktails, make-up, hairstyling bar, manicure, pedicures, massages, gifting table and dessert bar. I went for the massage. Check out the pictures from Tiny’s Tequila Takeover in NYC.

tiny 6tiny 5tiny 1tiny 2tiny 9

akela pic


pic 1pic 2pic 4pic 5pic 6pic 7pic 8pic 3


Photo Credit: Brandon Wildcard Photography

~Akela Moore

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