Land a New Job in Style!

black printed pants

New Year..New You..right?! Well for some that can mean a new job and for me I hope that’s true. One way to stand out from the crowd is to dress the part and here are a few tips I complied to help you guys out as well as myself.

1. If you are going for a corporate job your best bet is to offset a classic suit with a pop of color shoe.


2. Statement bags can be an added bonus



“I will never forget when my boyfriend and I were discussing Celine bags for a while and then he asked me to send him the address of the store. Of course, I don’t hesitate and the next day he arrives with a huge shopping bag. I was so hype when I saw the handles and was thinking as I was pulling it out the shopping bag like wow he really bought me this bag but to my surprise it was not Celine but the Aldo version lol. I wear it as it is a classic shape bag in a bold color and people always stop me to ask if it is a Celine but have to disappoint them every time. ” Thanks babe, lol

3. Sleek piece of jewelry


4. Try bright color pieces instead of the usual

Tip 5: So many people wear navy or black, that a bright color can leave a lasting impression.

5. If bold colors are too much, try patterns in classic shades

blue checkered blazer

6. Wear a monochromatic outfit, in a shade other than black

gray work outfit

These are a few tips that can help you stand out from the crowd by adding a WOW factor. In my search for a new job, I was recently told it may be my attire. I play it too safe and if I want to be a part of the fashion industry or any industry for that matter you got to bring something different. Yes, having the skills matter but today when so many people have the same skills you have to differentiate in some way so let it be your style (your personality).


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