Are Vests the “New” Blazer?!



It seems so! Remember when a few years ago a slew of colorful blazers were the “in” thing and the perfect piece to pull an entire outfit together. Whether it was paired with skirts, skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans, it was the hot item.  Now it looks as though the long vest trend has taken over and is the new “in” thing. So many chic looks can be created with this piece of clothing. Check below!Long vest

From the RunwayBack to the pout: Victoria Beckham looks serious as she struts through New York with her steely expression while wearing a stylish long beige capeto celebrities

to the stores

  LE CATCH another classic design interpreted for today's woman 2014 Sheinside Camel long Vest by Fake Leather

to then the consumer

It has always been a trickle down effect in fashion and the vest has been stealing the show all fall long, can’t wait to see how it translates to this year.  The vest can be worn to work, events or even date night, it is a very versatile piece just like the blazer once was. I have also tried the trend myself and hope to get more.



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