Allow Me to RE-Introduce Myself…

DSC_0466“I’m from where local runs and ubers never come”

I realized it is 2015 and we haven’t been properly introduced! Who is Amber Monae?!

Well, I am co-creator of The Fashion Plug, as well as a Merchandise Coordinator for a cosmetic company. My friend Akela and I started this blog because we attend the same events and have been in this fashion bubble for a while. We are similar in some ways but have different views on fashion…same focus different view. I am a Bronx born, Harlem breed fashionista who is influenced by the melting pot in which I grow up. Having graduated from Howard University, I returned back to my hometown to take on the fashion world but came to realize that it would not be so kind to me. I have attended many fashion shows like Tracy Reese, Max Azria and Philip Lim as well as worked them, been the intern, a stylist assistant for Kesha McCleod and a full time employee(the list goes on). Having a background in fashion gave me a keen eye for detail but I live for the everyday looks on the street and trends set. Through my experiences I have always wanted to have a voice and talk about the love of fashion…after all it is a lifestyle. So hopefully you guys enjoy the blog and the journey of where it can go.

image“A girl should be two things; classy and fabulous”


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