People Choice Awards 2015- Best & Worst Looks

peopleschoiceawardsheader2Well people, literally the People Choice Awards is always one of the big awards show to kick off awards season and it aired last night on CBS and celebrated 40 years of recognizing the people and the work of pop culture. Well this is a fashion blog and usually I am pretty impressed by the fashion on the red carpet but 2015  isn’t starting off exactly the way I would like in the fashion category. Take a look at the best & the worst of the carpet. 


Loved Katharine McPhee’s black and white dress. I would have left her hair out though.


Katharine McPhee

Katharine McPhee

Gabby has great skin and beautiful makeup and even though I put her on best dressed list because the purple is great choice for radiant skin tone, she could have definitely added a bit more sexy to this ensemble.


Gabby Union

Gabrielle Union




Now I am a sucker for the black tuxedo jacket and no bottom BUT if you are going to do it I believe some cleavage should be an additive to your exposed legs. Nice try Ariel.

Ariel-Winter People Choice

Ariel Winter



I’ve loved Kristen Bell since her voice used to give me goosebumps on Gossip Girl and I hate talking about people who are either pregnant or just gave birth but she is way to short for all of this fabric and this is a dress that looks like she should have worn in the beginning of her pregnancy. Love the color and the silver shoes!

Kristen Bell People

Kristen Bell



From a different angle and in the dark I thought I liked this dress but can you say epic fail. Loved the shoes on the red carpet but this flesh tone with black overlay is just all wrong.



Rita-Volk people choice

Rita Volk






I think that Anna Faris is a very funny girl. Love her in What’s You Number, but you are the host of the show and this was not cutting it. She has great toned arms but this halter flared top and matching skirt was not a great choice. The skirt is fine but the together its too much.

Anna-Faris People

Anna Faris


I really hope the rest of award season does not turn out like this. More red carpet action next week after the Golden Globes.




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