Fitness Goals 2015

Women's fitness

One of my many goals of the year like most is to get into shape. I have held this goal for many years and come close but then stop. I am a decent size but when I start to work out I work hard then lose my curves and try to eat bad food to gain it back and then have to start all over again. The cycle is annoying! So my goal this year is to take it a little easier and make progress instead of reaching for perfection.

One way I have decided that may help is to make a plan on what I need to work on each time I go to the gym instead of trying to do all at once. Also with the use of social media and fitness growing to be a big trend there are a few trainers that show their workouts to attain certain results. I like LyzaBeth Lopez and GetBodiedbyJ, both women have normal bodies but are tone and work hard for it. They even offer online classes that I have signed up for but when I am not home to use the classes I will be in the gym.  One way that motivates me at the gym is the clothing I wear, sounds vain I know but the saying goes, when you look good you feel good and that’s exactly what I intend to do. I recently purchased new gym sneakers and am extremely excited about it. Now, I need new clothes.

Brands such as Old Navy, Gap, Victoria’s Secret and now Express offer affordable colorful workout gear for the everyday women. Also Old Navy is having a workout sale 🙂

Here are a few stylish items to help kick that butt into gear. After all this is the year of the booty.

Old Navy


Victora’s Secret

Summer bodies are created in the Winter!


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