The Next “IT” Bag

So it seems there is a new IT bag to hit the scene soon and its from Balenciaga. Now that Alexander Wang has been named creative director for the last two years the brand has become edgier and trendy. Remember back in 2006/2007 when Balenciaga was popular for another IT bag? Do you guys remember these, the city bags, I had one! Every blogger, fashionista and so on had this bag, after being spotted on the likes of many celebs including, Nicole Richie. Well now there is a new one from the brand and here’s why it is going to be the next big thing.

It is a new look for the brand, as I stated it is trendy and Wang has given the name new life. There is a limited edition, who doesn’t love having something that not everyone can get their hands on. The blue colored bag at the top will be released as a limited edition in January 2015. You know us bloggers along with street style ready chicks are gunning for that color, its perfect bait to get photograph in. The other colors will be calm like; pink, navy and black. The new mini bags are just the right size for cross body lovers and comes with a chain strap.

So the next hot bag isn’t coming from Celine or Ysl, its the new and renovated BALENCIAGA.


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