Want to look Rich, wear beige!

camel leather skirt collection for girls 2015 (9)

Blogger Margaret Zhang

 Not just any regular beige but Camel. The color is stylish, sleek and pulls everything together. Must be why Kim Kardashian has been wearing it so much, she gets it and you can too. So many of the fall/winter best coats are camel colored. Check the pictures below so you can make any outfit look like a million bucks.

camel-fashion-trend-0910-01-de[1]  camel-fashion-trend-0910-16-de[1]

From the runway to the streets

oversized coat with jeans and pumps, Atlantic-Pacific    camel outfits, 2 girls

From head to toe camel to mixed in

camel sweater with animal print pencil skirt   Image 3 of TUBE SKIRT WITH SLIT AND PIPING from Zara

These aren’t just for fall mixed them in for holiday style. Walk with confidence whether that is to work, a holiday party or to meet his parents….always do it with style. There is this zara faux leather skirt I have been eyeing and can’t choose what color the black or the camel and this post swayed me to the beige color, you can get black in anything.



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