Tis the Season – Holiday Style


With thanksgiving being tomorrow its safe to say the holiday season has started and there will be plenty of festivities to attend from thanksgiving to new years eve, so you have to look the part. Here are a few helpful pieces

1. Sequins-good luck putting this on without cutting your skin, geez its painful but so cute


2. Lace-its sexy and can be classy at the same time
black lace dress celebs Black Lace Dress   Fashion Tips
                                 d3105309_cindym_12.11.14_sp_528_kylie_8 Blue Velvet & Lace Bodycon Midi Dress #longsleeve #holiday #partydress #nye #nyedress
3.Metallics-its a fun accent to any outfit
Metallic Clothes
4. Fringe-fun and flirty
                                        Nuthin' But a Fringy Thang Black Fringe Skirt at Lulus.com! 
5. Fur-faux fur that is and I need one! I had a mink in highschool but was to embarrass to wear it
                              Jennifer Lopez Wearing Real Fur

            Blue Faux Fur Coat #jacket #winter #fluffywbi2o3-l-610x610-jacket-leather-jacket-faux-fur-jacket-yellow-jacket-red-jacket-purple-jacket

By AmberMonae

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