Heshima Kenya Fashion Challenge: Chicago

Heshima 1

Looks from the competing designers

Heshima Kenya Fashion Challenge in Chicago was a successful event and had a fabulous turn out for their 3rd annual fundraiser and fashion challenge. Five designers, including Meredith Banzhoff, Modahnik, Borris Powell, Lagi Nadeau, and Katelyn Pankoke participated in the “Project Runway” inspired competition, which was emceed by Windy City LIVE co-host Val Warner and judged by members of Chicago’s Fashion Community, including Dawn Bonasera Global Store Director, Louis Vuitton -The Magnificent Mile Chicago, Trevian Kutti ,and Erica Strama.

In early November, competing designers received two Maisha Collective scarves chosen at random, and  had two weeks to design one original women’s look and one accessory. Designers were able to use as many additional materials as needed to create their looks, which highlighted the scarf material.  Each designer participated in a Q & A about their inspiration and looks were judged based on originality, wearability, demonstration of designer personality, and construction quality.

Heshima 4

Lagi Nadeau, Katelyn Pankoke, Borris Powell, Meredith Banzhoff, Modanik

Heshima 2

Runway look from Meredith Banzhoff

Heshima 3

Designer Meredith Banzhoff speaking with Host Val Warner



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