Beyonce X Topshop-Activewear?!

Since last fall, Beyoncé  has been spotted wearing various pieces from Topshop especially her beloved two piece sets making all pieces sell out fast after being worn by Queen Bey. So it is about time she stop marketing the brand for free and do a collaboration. Don’t expect to see pieces like the top picture or the styles she has been seen in as she has decided to do an active streetwear collab instead…HUH!

Lanvin rabbit fur felt visor hat ($695) and TOPSHOP skinny rib crop top  beyonce  beyonce-top-shop1[1] beyonce-topshop-stripe-outfit-abs-new-york[1]

Now we now why she has been seen all over London, she was taking in meetings for the brand as she wants to be apart of the whole process from start to finish. The Topshop/Beyoncé collection will include footwear, clothing, and accessories. There will be technical pieces, as well as offerings for women to attend yoga and the gym, now we can get that Beyoncé body signing let me sit this a** on ya!  I hope this line turns out something fun and fierce better than her own clothing line, House of Dereon(remember that)!

Stay tuned.

By AmberMonae


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