Refinery29’s First Ever Book: Style Stalking

refinery style stalking



Street Style has become a huge part of the fashion industry over the past 10 years as bloggers and reality TV show stars have brought fashion closer to the consumer and has shared information that allows you to research where they got the items they wear on a daily basis. Well, Refinery29 has given lovers of fashion “The ultimate street style book” that landed in stores yesterday called Style Stalking. And if you are in NYC and want to spend a night with Refinery29’s Editor and Chief Christene Barberich and Executive Creative Director Piera Gelardi, join them at the Apple Store tonight in Soho as they discuss personal style and the impact its made on our culture.





refinery 29- 2

refinery- 29-3


In appearance tonight will be Co Founders of Refinery29, a fashion and lifestyle site, Christene Barberich and Piera Gelardi along with Preetma Singh, Nylon Magazine’s Market Director, Laura Brown,  Executive editor of Harper’s Bazaar and Fashion Director, Aya Kanai of Cosmopolitan.

Today from 7pm to 8pm at Apple Store Soho

103 Prince Street New York, Ny

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