United Colors of Fashion 4th Annual Gala



United Colors of Fashion was full of excitement from dancing and acting and an amazing fashion show from some young talented designers. Founder Clerjuste Ciano had some great words for the crowd as he spoke about how important the fashion industry is and how young people need guidance and assistance in following their dreams in fashion. Being a fashion professional I understand the need for mentoring and empowering young people with creative aspirations.

The night awarded Devyn Adullah Season 1 winner of “The Face for Model of the Year, Malan Bretan for Fashion Icon of the Year and Meck Khalfan for Techno Innovator.

Highlight of the night was fashions shows featuring Amparo Chorda, David Tlale, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Malan Breton, Loin Cloth & Ashes and Berny Martin. Model of the Year Ms. Devyn Abdullah walked in most of the shows and was a great presence on the runway. In attendance was Mr. Jay front row on looking the festive night. The night closed with a photo op with all models and designers in tow.


Amparo David Tlale

devyn malan

my fave malan












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