Carmelo Anthony steps it up with Giorgio Armani


Esquire Magazine along with Giorgio Armani teamed up to present Giorgio’s “Wall Street” line, hosted by the self proclaimed “most underrated” All-Star NBA player Carmelo Anthony. The line will include hand tailored suits and 10% of the proceeds from the sale of the “Wall Street” collection will benefit the Carmelo Anthony Foundation.

The event took place here in New York at the Saks Fifth Avenue store on the 6th floor. I was able to attend the event and it was well organized and packed with great looking people. I will say the men came out strong in tailored looks. Guest sipped on a variety of cocktails as the invite was titled, “Cocktails with Carmelo”.

image  image

The NY Knick player arrived in a custom Armani suit looking svelte as he is on a new diet to step up his game for the NBA season. We got to learn more about his foundation and guest were allowed to have photo ops with him as well. Carmelo was  both humbled and appreciative.  This was definitely a great event for the brand and we are thankful for the invite.


By AmberMonaé

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