Which Charlotte Tilbury Look Are You?

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Last night the beauty level of  Bergdorf Goodman was filled with makeup mavens for the launch of Charlotte Tilbury’s make up line. The renowned makeup artist invited guests for face painting, shopping, cocktails and crab cakes. Personalized recommendations from Team Tilbury was the chatter amongst the crowd and fans stopped to take photos with the red hair beauty expert. Click more to see the 10 iconic signature looks and see which one you would be. I am definitely THE ROCK CHICK!

Charlotte Image 3


#teamtilbury Tilbury Transformations lets Lead Artist Makeovers entail finding your most beautiful looks, wedding makeup, special occasion makeup and or (my fave) Hollywood Secrets Red Carpet Makeup. team Tilbury Makeovers consists of finding your most beautiful look and A List Secrets.

Charlotte Image 2Charlotte Image 1

From left to right: The Ingenue, The Golden Goddess, The Uptown Girl, The Sophisticate, The Rock Chick, The Dolce Vita, The Bombshell, The Vintage Vamp, The Glamour Muse and The Rebel

The Ingenue- Dewy Skin and a flush of blush.

The Uptown Girl- Your look is groomed, glossy, gorgeous perfection.

The Sophisticate- Timeless, chic and classic.

The Rock Chick- Smoky, Smudged “Bedroom Eye”

The Dolce Vita- Killer Curves and sultry smoky eye

The Bombshell- You wouldn’t be seen dead without your slick of red lipstick.

The Vintage Vamp- Glamorous and seductive

The Glamour Muse- Shimmer and Fun

“Give a woman the right make-up and she can conquer the world.”

~ Akela Moore

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