Kohl’s Gets Even More Popular to Shop

Not sure if you have seen the commercials for Elie Tahari for DesigNation but I have! As a former Assistant Account Executive for Kohl’s. I have definitely seen this mid-tier department become a bit more “luxurious” over the past 7 years with collaborations with Peter Som and many more.  Elie Tahari now has everyone from Giuliana Rancic to  Sophia Bush rocking these new threads.


Giuliana Rancic Arriving For Work at E! News

Rmv8W-WWyhll- sopia bush

But wait….Milly by Michelle Smith will be adding to the list of popular designers (I am super excited about this) to collaborate with Kohl’s Designation in Spring 2015  with price points starting at $38! I know I am looking forward to the Spring.





This is a smart move for designers as our economy remains stagnate and the cost of living increases. At least I’ve seen the gas prices in the two dollar range this week but the fact is that people love designer brands and if you can get them at a cheaper price or next to nothing Kohl’s may be the best option!

elie tahari


tumblr_nbzadqtgfW1sbebtbo6_500- elie tahari


1821364- elie 1821787- elie 1850496-elie 1884550- elie



~Akela Moore


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