It was Summer Just a Week Ago….!

radiant orchid trend

Summer is definitely over but being a New Yorker, September weather can be pretty fickle. You can live in Brooklyn and leave your house for work with an umbrella and get to the city and there are hardly wet footprints on the ground. Knowing how to dress for the Fall season is pretty important  (also my favorite season) and I’ve compiled a list of 5 Fall Essentials to get you through the next two months in New York City.

5 Fall Fashion Wardrobe Essentials:

  • 1. Pair of Converse- The return of the Converse sneaker was everywhere this past Spring/Summer season but in order to keep the trend going, grab a pair of black, grey or the pantone color for Fall, Orchid and hit the pavement.


  • 2. Pashmina Scarf- A light scarf always diversifies an outfit, whether it’s with a skirt, jeans or suit. Also comes in handy for the cool Fall nights.




  • 3. (Moto) Leather Jacket- Leather Jackets now come in all different silhouettes. Try out different designers to find your perfect fit. Even though it can be worn all year round, leather jackets are a key Fall item.


  • 4.  Oversized Tote Bag- Summertime called for lighter crossbodies and lightweight clothing but now that Fall is in full effect, carrying a tote bag lugging that extra cashmere sweater for air-conditioned train and especially for teh office because the heat just isn’t quite on yet is very important. Colors to choose: Cognac, Royal Blue, Black like this Rebecca Minkoff Bowery Tote or grab the timeless monogram Louis Vuitton.
  • hf14mfct04_bowery_tote_1_black_01
  • 5. Lastly, if you decide to opt out of the leather jacket for the day especially on that rainy day, none other than the classic trench coat should be added as an essential to your wardrobe. Best silhouette to try out is belted. Cinched at the waist with a light flair above the knee. Affordable and trendy approach is this Uniqlo trench coat found at





5 Fall Key Essentials for the downtown chic girl. ~AM

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