Bloomingdales 59th St. Welcomes Revamped Shoe Floor

bloomies 1

By Akela Moore

7 years ago Bloomingdales was what I called home. It was my part-time job for a year at the Hackensack, NJ location. The place where I learned about Helmut Lang and Vince and their large Denim area in the contemporary section of the 2nd floor. Next to 59th Street, its one of Bloomingdales oldest locations and since it was so close to Manhattan, there would be tons of designer returns back to that location and they housed a whole department just for NYC returns because they don’t carry some of those brands. So for the past year the 59th Street location has been renovating the 5th floor shoe department and when I say it looks amazing…it looks AMAZING!


Women’s International Film Festival Blossoms During Women’s History Month

By Akela Moore

As we enter a new month, I want to take a moment to reflect on this past month March especially March 8th as we celebrated International Women’s Day. For me, it was the first March as a woman in her 30’s that I really appreciated being a women and what we have to offer in media, music, entertainment or any industry to speak of.

Cast & Friends of Culture of Fear

Though my focus is on media, attending the Women’s International Film Festival premiere of Culture of Fear was so empowering and of course fun. Directed, written and starring Kayla Tabish, the film was a thriller that took place in the present but embodied past eras. There were no cell phones, the atmosphere in the bar in the movie felt like we traveled back to the 20’s and even though the suspense had me glued to the screen, I was stuck on feeling like it was 2000 before we all walked around with our heads buried in our phones when we walk. Kayla Tabish’s character is a very vigilant reporter and watching her try to protect those around her and find the truth was remarkable. (more…)

We Discovered the Spring/Summer 2018 Collection with Dolce & Gabbana Cocktail Party

By Akela Moore

Gucci down to the socks…where??? Louis Vuitton and Coach who? It was nice to see a Spring/Summer 2018 collection from Dolce & Gabbana that was so fresh, so fun and literally just made you want everything in the store. It was like a “who knew” moment walking through the two levels of the Fifth Ave store in New York City. Of course the champagne was flowing, but the poker themed night left us all thinking this Spring its all about D&G.


Virgil Abloh heads to Louis Vuitton

By Amber Monaé

Visionary Virgil Abloh has had many collaborations with big names like Champion and Kith while being the creative director for Kanye West and for his own streetwear label, Off-White, yet he just struck gold with his latest news. Breaking glass ceilings, Abloh was just appointed Louis Vuitton Menswear designer. He is the first African American to head the mega European brand.